Association For Convention Operations Management

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Association For Convention Operations Management

Association For Convention Operations Management

As a degree in Business Administration – Supply Chain and Operations Management (co-op), you lead the front-line business operations that are critical to your organization’s success.

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Applications are assessed based on published entry requirements. Once the applicant has provided proof of meeting the requirements, an offer of admission may be issued if places are available in the program. If the number of eligible applicants exceeds the available seats, selection will be made based on the highest available senior level final grade in the required courses at the time of classification. Midterm grades are not used for grading purposes. Testing or other additional evaluation may be required.

Students are responsible for ensuring that they have a Microsoft Windows 10-based desktop or laptop system that meets or exceeds the following general personal computer technology requirements:

Niagara College will not be able to provide support for systems other than those specified above. Any software provided may not function properly. Educational software for your courses (supported under Microsoft Windows 10 operating system) will be available for download and remote use. Access to remote high performance computer labs will also be provided if software downloads are not possible.

Technology requirements indicate no support for Chromebooks or Apple products. Can I still take my program if I have a Macbook or Chromebook?

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For most programs, an MS Windows 10 computer (as indicated in the “Computer / Technology Requirements” section on this page) is recommended for optimal experience and ease of downloading educational software. Reliability of remote connections to University computers and software for MacBook and Chromebook users cannot be guaranteed.

There are versions that work with Macbooks and Chromebooks, and most Internet-based apps also work. However, certain software programs are designed to run on Windows 10 and successful download of these applications cannot be guaranteed. Our Learning Management System (LMS) at Niagara College is Blackboard, and while students can access Blackboard through an Internet browser, there is a level of security for some assignments and tests that use a proctored browser. Protected Browser does not work on Macbooks or Chromebooks.

Students assume the risk of a compromised virtual experience if they choose to participate without the recommended technology.

Association For Convention Operations Management

Did you know that applicants with prior post-secondary education will be evaluated for transfer credit after receiving an official transcript from their previous institution? There is no charge for this service.

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The pathways allow graduates of this program to receive credit for programs at Niagara College as well as other colleges and universities in Canada and around the world.

Shown below is the tuition fee estimate (what is it?) for the commencement term. Tuition fees are set according to the Ontario Ministry of Education, Colleges and Universities fee guidelines.

The co-op/terms of work have no tuition fees, but the co-op fee(s) in the previous terms cover the administration of the position.

$1.5 million in scholarships and awards available from our generous donors to help fund your education. You will be automatically considered for some awards, but other awards require an application.

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Shown below is the tuition fee estimate (what is it?) for the commencement term. Estimated tuition and fees for international students are based on the type of program.

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Association For Convention Operations Management

Your tuition estimate includes tuition fees, accessories and materials based on program and term. Fees may vary depending on enrollment in specific courses outside the core curriculum or elective courses. Fees for future terms (where fees are to be published) are estimates based on the fee structure for the current academic year.

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Additional fees include textbooks and parking passes (if parking is available on campus). Additional costs may be incurred for optional field trips, learning materials, equipment, or clothing. All costs associated with program requirements are the responsibility of the student.

Note: For new programs, tuition and fees are not yet available. Tuition fees are generally available in May for the next academic year. Please check back.

A program with a cooperative component (cooperative learning) means that the curriculum combines classroom instruction with practical work experience in the program’s field of study.

During co-op terms, students can apply what they learn in the classroom to the actual workplace. Understanding the skills they develop academically helps create a more meaningful college experience and means they are better prepared for their careers after graduation.

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I had many valuable experiences while studying at Niagara College. All my teachers have a great passion for teaching and have taught and shared their experiences. Hoa, graduate program associations are uniquely positioned to be the voice of diverse industries, advance important causes, and bring together individuals with common professional interests.

But the organizations’ distinct role leaves these organizations facing common risks related to revenue, membership and governance – and in some cases struggling to understand where these issues lie within their mandate.

“Becoming irrelevant is a big risk for many organizations,” says Susie Grinol, president of the Canadian Hospitality Association. “A lot of (organizations) struggle with that kind of identity crisis.”

Association For Convention Operations Management

The 2020 Ottawa Association Exchange, an annual survey of management practices, asked more than 80 association leaders about their views on these prevalent risks and explored best practices for overcoming these common challenges.

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Experts say the first step is usually to ask a few simple questions: What could go wrong? What could limit your organization’s programs, operations, and growth opportunities?

Responses are typically recorded in a risk register – something that currently does not exist in the organizations of half of this year’s OAX respondents.

Addressing the risks an association faces typically involves adopting a risk management mindset of responsible, evidence-based decision-making. It gives managers confidence that their actions will further the overall goals of the organization.

The OAX 2020 survey explores three areas where organizations are most at risk: financial practices, operations and member engagement.

From Left To Right: Howard “skip” Elliott, Administrator, Pipeline And Hazardous Materials Safety Administration; Robert Sumwalt, Chairman, National Transportation Safety Board; Paul Amato, Vice President, Engineering, Operations And Environmental

When asked to name the number one threats facing their organization, several association leaders identified risks related to unexpected loss of income.

“If you build in different types of income, you’re more secure because you have a bigger portfolio of where the money is coming from,” he says. “You have more control over it and you’re not dependent on membership fees.”

Many associations say they are looking to sponsorships as a way to reduce their reliance on member-generated income. At the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association, for example, executive director Jason Berggraf says sponsorship funds make up about a third of the organization’s revenue and are “very important.”

Association For Convention Operations Management

Another mitigation measure is to have a financial cushion to prevent unexpected revenue losses to the organization, such as canceling the annual conference.

The 2023 Facility Management Conference Roundup By Industry

More than half of survey respondents said they had 10 months or less of operating reserves — a figure experts say could be insufficient in a crisis.

“If membership fees aren’t paid, or if the annual conference is canceled,” says Richard McNeil, president of management consulting firm OTUS Group, “you should generally have a 12-month reserve.” .”

To see the full survey results and read tips on mitigating risk, see the OAX Report 2020

With data breaches and hacks – as well as new and emerging online threats – regularly in the headlines, it’s no surprise that more than a quarter of OAX respondents cited cyber attack as the biggest threat to their organisation.

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“You have to think about your membership database and keeping people’s information confidential,” says Nicole Thibault, executive director of Canadian Parents for French.

Just over a quarter of association leaders say they are outsourcing their cybersecurity requirements to outside expertise. Similar organizations have some form of cyber liability insurance.

But despite the many cyberattacks that target employees through phishing schemes or other attempts to obtain sensitive information, four in 10 respondents say they don’t provide any form of cybersecurity training to their employees.

Association For Convention Operations Management

The Canadian Institute of Planners is part of a pre-launch cyber training program for employees that outlines existing security programs, potential risks to employees and who to contact in the event of a security breach.

California Association Of School Transportation Officials

Francis Liska, CEO of OTUS Group, says that addressing issues such as online privacy and security requires organizations to understand the root of the risk their organization faces.

“When it comes to online security, a significant risk often originates internally and is caused by a lack of awareness.

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