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Cribstone Capital Management – This year, our team, New England Gills for PFF, is excited to help lead the way for a lung-free (PF) world on PFF National Walk Day on September 24th. We will be walking together to New Castle, NH for healing and we hope you will join us as we raise money for the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (PFF). If you would like to join the New England Gills for PFF and walk with us, click the “join our team” button, select “National Walk Day” as the walk location, and go to your registry as the “virtual walker” tag.

Pulmonary fibrosis is a fatal and complex disease that causes scarring of the lungs and is currently incurable. PF affects more than 250,000 Americans, with 50,000 new cases and 40,000 deaths reported each year. Thus was born the mission of the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, whose goal is to develop new treatments and ultimately cure pulmonary fibrosis. Until this goal is achieved, PFF is committed to improving care for patients with PF and providing unique support and education for patients, caregivers and community members, family and clinicians. Although much work remains to be done, progress has been made in the fight against pulmonary fibrosis. Your generosity by walking and raising money or donating to one of our walkers or by supporting the New England Gills for PFF allows PFF to expand important efforts for the PF community.

Cribstone Capital Management

Cribstone Capital Management

To learn more about how your donation can change the lives of people with pulmonary fibrosis and their families, visit And if you have any questions, please contact Gills for PFF’ Captain John Massaua by email at or call him at 207-465-6942 or call PFF Vice President and Treasurer Laurie Chandler at lchandler@ or call Laurie at 603-770-1123.

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Laurie Chandler, PFF Vice President and Treasurer John Massaua, N.E. Gills for PFF Team Captain You do not appear to have a job offer. To get it, go to the registration page.

The parking lot of 103 Winthrop St., the site as seen from the window of Cribstone Capital Management around the corner on North Chestnut Street on March 7 in Augusta. Kennebec Journal photo by Joe Phelan

AUGUSTA – For the second time, the Planning Commission has filed a complaint against drug and mental health counseling on Winthrop Street, where many people oppose it.

Proposal to move Blue Willow Counseling to 103 Winthrop St. The Planning Commission already made plans last month after hours of contentious discussions at a well-attended meeting to discuss the proposal.

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Blue Willow Counseling hopes to open a location at 103 Winthrop St. in Augusta, seen second from right on February 10. Kennebec Journal photo by Andy Molloy

The Planning Board on Tuesday voted to approve A. Delaine Nye’s motion to table the application until Blue Willow comes back with a train design that shows the stop. cars with parking lines that meet current standards – which spaces are currently small . no – and it meets eligibility, performance, security and availability standards. The plan should include handicap parking and not include a light-rail-like loop between the building and Winthrop Street that city staff previously suggested could be used to park up to two cars.

Parking and traffic issues are at the center of complaints from neighbors about the proposed use of the building for mental health and substance abuse counseling.

Cribstone Capital Management

Board member Peter Pare said he arrived at the parking lot in question in his Toyota Tacoma, a midsize pickup truck about 16 feet long. Even though there was only one car in the parking lot, he said he had to back up several times, turning slightly each time to back out of the parking spot without hitting a single building or other nearby problems. .

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“It took me five minutes to get out of there, in and out, in and out,” Pare said. “If you have five cars parked there and they’re not compacts or subcompacts, it’s going to be good to get in and out.”

He expressed concern that someone could be forced to back out of the parking lot onto the street because of the strictness, which he said could be dangerous.

Jennifer Wood, executive director and owner of Blue Willow Counseling, said before the meeting that parking was adequate. He said city officials told him the stations are considered old so they don’t have to meet current standards.

In a March 4 news release, city spokesman Nicholas Hartley said that since Blue Willow is not proposing to become office space as part of its proposal, “…the length of each stop, access and lot width are considered. ancestors.”

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But Kristin Collins, the city’s attorney, said Tuesday that the board could “indeed” require the business to have a parking lot that meets current standards.

Because there was a lot of public comment at the previous four-hour meeting mentioned above, the Planning Commission did not take up any additional public comments on Tuesday. The city received several emails from residents concerned about the proposal. Some emails said the proposal would hinder efforts to restore Winthrop Street back to a residential neighborhood, while others said there was insufficient parking space on the site.

Cheryl Clukey, who said she spoke on behalf of the area’s West Side Neighbors group, wrote that members of the group recently brought 11 cars to the test site. He said two of the selected sites were on the sidewalk or blocked stairs and therefore should not be counted, and in general “the ride in the parking lot underneath was tight, it was hot, and it’s not safe.”

Cribstone Capital Management

Wood said before Tuesday’s meeting that she and her husband, Brian, plan to buy the property, although they are not allowed to use it for consulting. They have a management company that buys the building and finds a use for it, such as renting it out for other professional services or turning it into apartments.

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Built in 1856, the building has not been in recent years, but was previously a work and training center for Women Unlimited. The city estimates it at $207,600. The property is located in the city’s institutional business zone, where medical services are legally used. Uses within territorial units generally require a higher level of community analysis of the project than permitted uses.

Blue Willow will use the building to replace the existing Augusta location in leased space at 9 Green St. The company also has consulting offices in Portland and Lewiston.

The city management initially considered the provided consulting services to be social services in the sense of the city’s definition. But Deputy City Manager Betsy Poulin said Tuesday that since the agreement was first struck and terms of use discussed, city staff are now approving the review proposal as a hospital, not a public utility.

Both healthcare facilities and utilities must keep track of usage in the area where the facility is located, although the parking standards for each are slightly different.

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Scott Upham, managing director of Cribstone Capital Management, talks about a parking dispute near his office, in the background, on North Chestnut Street in Augusta Thursday. Kennebec Journal photo by Joe Phelan

AUGUSTA — A couple is looking to move their consulting business to 103 Winthrop St. building, which many residents have protested, plans to buy it even though the planning commission denied their request for an open office.

Cribstone Capital Management

A proposal to house Blue Willow Counseling, brought forward by the Augusta Planning Board last month after hours of discussion, has returned to the council for a decision on its application.

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Jennifer Wood, executive director and owner of Blue Willow Counseling Services, said Friday that she and her husband, Brian, plan to buy the property, even though they do not have a license to use it for counseling services. They have a management company that buys the building and finds a use for it. When they hope to use it for their consulting business, they can rent it out for other professional services or convert it into buildings.

“We decided to go with him regardless and buy the house,

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