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One of the reasons I use credit cards is because of the peace of mind they bring…or so I thought. But when push came to shove, neither American Express nor Chase had my back. Do not assume that you will win the dispute, even if the unscrupulous merchant robs you.

Dispute Credit Card Charge Chase

Dispute Credit Card Charge Chase

Some background. I have been a Chase customer for 19 years and American Express for 15 years. Until recently, I was a typical customer. I have always paid early or on time, managed my credit diligently, rarely disputed charges, and maintained an 840+ credit score.

How To Dispute A Credit Card Charge With Chase [2023]

My import/export company imports designer handbags from Italy. We got a big six-figure deal on handbags. It will be imported into the US and Canada and then resold at a small margin. Even with shipping costs and taxes, buying from Europe made sense.

We work with merchants who accept credit cards and do not require a wire transfer because there are too many unscrupulous actors. After visiting the merchant in person, eating with the owner, and developing a comfort level, we shook hands and pulled out our credit cards.

My business partner and I had no upfront spending limit with American Express and were able to pay the full fee on one card, but chose to spread our spending across multiple American Express and Chase cards to earn points.

Don’t bring your bag with you as a carry-on…we’ve arranged for our freight forwarder to pick it up and ship it via Atlanta. This takes time…at least a few weeks. In addition to being shipped, the bags must also clear customs and be sent to our warehouse.

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When our bags finally arrived, the vast majority of them were damaged. Some were scratched, some were dented, and some were discolored. In two cases, the handles were torn off.

This was not a shipping damage issue. Each bag was carefully packed and well padded. It appears that we have sold customer revenue (‘seconds’ as they are known in the industry).

Of course, we have contacted the merchant directly to try and resolve this issue. This was not our first transaction and we did not expect any problems.

Dispute Credit Card Charge Chase

The chargeback prompted the merchant to contact… and decline the chargeback request. The merchant disputed the condition of the bags (despite clear photo evidence) and threatened us, calling us frauds for trying to return the bags and insinuating that we were doing so because our customer had changed his mind.

American Express And Chase Utterly Fail To Protect Me From Crooked Merchant (dispute Horror Story)

Our contract states that we have an absolute right of return of one year. This is attached to every purchase order we place. We even asked the merchant to confirm their agreement to the terms in writing before completing the transaction.

We shipped all bags via UPS to Italy. The seller refused to service the return, literally telling the UPS driver to get lost. They are now sitting in a UPS facility somewhere in Italy. Damaged bags are of no use to us…there is no point in trying to return them.

The seller is a retailer in Italy. It has retail and wholesale departments. We bought from the wholesale department. Provided a copy of the retail terms and conditions (a simple screenshot of their website) to confirm that we only have 10 days to return the product.

Yes, that was their defense…we waited too long to return the item. Forget the fact that we were not retail customers. Forget the fact that our contract definitely gave us a right of return. No, based on the screenshot, Chase and American Express said too much time had passed and we would lose the arguments.

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The “battle of the forms” is a classic contract law problem, although in this case we were the only party to include the terms in the contract.

Is the problem already paid? Is the problem that you can’t get my money back so you have to side with the merchant because American Express doesn’t want to eat those losses?

American Express and Chase encouraged me to seek legal redress. Both declined to reopen the cases.

Dispute Credit Card Charge Chase

Whatever the fine print says (and if there was fine print, I couldn’t find it), both American Express and Chase are selling you the idea that if you get ripped off, they’ll have your back.

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My business cannot squeeze hundreds of thousands of dollars out of thin air to pay for a worthless product that we returned to the seller. You know what this means for my relationship with American Express and Chase, my business, my personal credit scoreā€¦

After a few months of escalation, I am fed up with American Express and Chase. If they can’t protect a consumer who bought designer handbags and received broken, dirty, discolored handbags…what are they going to protect?

Share your American Express or Chase chargeback stories below. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for my case.

Matthew is an avid traveler who calls Los Angeles home. He travels more than 200,000 miles by air each year and has visited more than 135 countries. Through his work in the airline industry and as a travel consultant, Matthew has been featured in major media outlets around the world and uses his Live and Let’s Fly blog to share the latest airline industry news, frequent flyer program commentary and in-depth reports How to Dispute Chase Credit Card Charges? We may refund you for a fee that we do not recognize

Does This Mean I Won Or Lost My Dispute? I’m So Confused

We may find a purchase on your report that doesn’t seem right. There are many reasons why a credit card charge may be invalid. In these cases, we need to know how to dispute credit card charges with Chase to get a refund.

We can dispute any incorrect charges under the Fair Credit Billing Act or FCBA. Also, if there is a problem with the product or service you received from us. Fortunately, the Chase credit card process is pretty straightforward, but we should be aware of the fees that can be disputed.

When it comes to credit card fees, we need to be clear that there are three main reasons why these disputes can arise. It will be:

Dispute Credit Card Charge Chase

Fraud is an unauthorized charge on your Chase statement, and we will generally be liable for unauthorized charges to your card up to $50. However, almost all credit card companies offer liability protection.

How To Remove Collections From Your Credit Report

For this reason, we assume no responsibility for the use of Chase credit cards for unauthorized charges. These fees apply when someone appeals our credit card information, so it’s best to apply for a new Chase replacement card.

Billing errors are related to incorrect charges. However, we should note that the name of the merchant will not always match the name of the merchant’s store or website.

It’s important to note that it’s always a good idea to double-check a shipment before assuming it’s a mistake. In the event of a malfunction, the seller may or may not cancel it. If it’s not automatically reversed, we can dispute the charge and get a refund.

If there is a problem with a Chase product or service, we may dispute the charge to your credit card. However, as required by law, we must first try to resolve the issue with the merchant. When no resolution is reached, the next step is to dispute the credit card company.

Guide To Disputing Chase Credit Card Charges [2021]

These charges can be disputed due to a variety of issues, such as the order never being shipped, the product arriving damaged, or the service being improperly performed.

We should always contact the merchant who paid the fee before starting the dispute process. It is very important that if there are problems with the purchase, you may even be able to come to an agreement without disputes.

If we end up contesting the allegation, we need to gather documentation to support our claim. These documents can be receipts, invoices, merchant correspondence or evidence that the quality of the purchase is not what it should be.

Dispute Credit Card Charge Chase

The easiest way to dispute a Chase charge is to log into their platform and follow these steps:

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In the form, we need to know if we have disputed all or part of the amount and there are questions about the reason for the dispute.

We can dispute these credit card charges by phone by calling the phone number on the back of your Chase card.

If a transaction is disputed, it is frozen and you will not have to pay while the dispute is pending. Therefore, we will not lose this money while solving the credit card problem.

If necessary, the pursuer’s representative will contact us for further information. Once the decision is made, we

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