Doordash New Grad Software Engineer

Doordash New Grad Software Engineer – When you join us, you’ll be part of a customer-centric culture that fosters continuous improvement and rapid innovation at every level. This is your chance to help build and expand our platform of business tools – and beyond.

Our engineers drive rapid growth, focus on innovation, and improve the customer experience through every platform and product we build.

Doordash New Grad Software Engineer

Doordash New Grad Software Engineer

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“DoorDash was the career experience of my life. I joined as the second data scientist in the company and I have grown a lot since joining. I have had the opportunity to work in the company. I’m so grateful for all the people I’ve met here, and the problems I’ve been able to solve.”

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“At DoorDash, I’ve worked on projects that are critical to the company’s day-to-day operations. On our team, our primary mission is to fight and prevent fraud at the consumer level. , dash, and merchants.Preventing fraud can mean customer information is protected, dash has its proceeds to the right place, and the small business continues to grow and serve its community. So, it’s satisfying that the code I’ve written has gone a long way to helping achieve our mission.”

“Every time I talk to leadership about the idea and why we should do it, the answer is always ‘How can I help?’ I have never seen bureaucracy or obstacles. Having the opportunity to work on these really big projects is something I have never experienced anywhere else. It was amazing to feel the level of collaboration. this with the team, the company, and the end user.” As a senior in college with a computer science degree, the hardest decision I faced was which company to join. While I will likely end up working for several companies throughout my career, this first step into the real world will have a huge impact on my work.

In the end, after many interviews and a few offers, I chose. Influencing my decision is that I prefer user-oriented services and have used them myself. I also feel that a fast-paced technical organization will help me make an impact.

Doordash New Grad Software Engineer

After a good introduction, I found a few important differences between my college experience and my day-to-day work on the team. For example, unlike most of my college classroom assignments, my projects are not only more complex, but often involve multiple team members and sometimes multiple team efforts. .

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Hopefully by the end of this article you’ll have a better understanding of why I chose it, my experience working here, and why it’s perfect for any new student interested in software technology!

Although I started working in the second half of 2019, the entire application, interview and hiring process started almost a year earlier.

Back in October 2018, I was a senior studying Computer Science at Purdue University looking for a full-time software engineer role. One of the things that I really look for in a company is a product or service that I myself use and as an avid customer I am interested in the possibility of working there. I have researched and learned about the company’s rapid growth in 2018. Participating in that high growth seems to be a very exciting thing.

I reached out to the employer to express my interest and arranged a quick phone call so I could learn more about their newly graduated software engineer opportunities and go through the interview process. question. The interview process includes an initial HackerRank coding challenge, followed by a technical interview with engineers, followed by a final round that includes another technical interview as well as a cultural fit interview. with the technical manager.

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Each of my engineering interviews lasted an hour with one engineer and each engineer from a different team in . All technical interviews include solving a coding question in my preferred programming language. The interviewers were very helpful throughout the interview and always made sure to answer any of my questions regarding coding issues. At the end of the interview, I might ask the engineers some questions such as the team they work on, what they enjoy working on, and what is the most interesting or challenging project they’ve worked on so far. During the interview process, I learned a lot more about the company, the workplace and the different groups of engineers.

Shortly after my last interview, I received a call from the recruiter to let me know that they wanted to continue with the offer. At that time, I also received an offer from a larger technology company, so I was faced with an important decision. After much thought and research as well as advice from friends and family, I accepted the offer as the company ticked all the boxes for what I wanted as a full time software engineer. time. Most importantly, I wanted to work on a compelling consumer-facing product in a fast-paced environment that also delivered meaningful results.

On August 5, 2019, a day that I will never forget, I officially started my career as a software engineer at . My first week was full of anxiety, excitement and information and it did a great job educating new employees about the company, the different engineering teams and how to be Dasher, user drivers. our platform. food delivery. As part of our company culture, we strongly encourage our engineers to present real food using this platform; By doing so, we can help uncover areas of conflict or opportunities to improve the way deliveries are made.

Doordash New Grad Software Engineer

On my second orientation day, all the new hires were divided into groups and had to spend an hour running around San Francisco during lunch. My group and I drove around the city trying to get to as many hot, high-traffic spots as possible. We were able to better understand what it feels like to be a Dasher as we experienced the difference in taking orders from a small local restaurant where we had to wait in line and order ourselves versus buying. carried away. from a large chain where the food was ready and on the table waiting for us to take it.

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For over a year now, I’ve been working as an iOS engineer on the Essentials team, a Consumer dependent team. We implement business plans and incentives that can make shipping more affordable for the end user. For example, our team worked on an app that allowed users to sign up for DashPass, our monthly subscription service. Likewise, we recently launched a DashPass partnership with Chase, an offer offered to select Chase credit card customers.

One thing I really appreciate about the engineering culture is that even though I joined right after getting my degree, I was able to work on projects that made sense and delivered new features. While I’ve worked on some great projects during my time at Purdue, it’s amazing to know that the code I wrote eventually reached millions of people. And even though I just graduated from college, I have had the opportunity to work on meaningful and impactful projects like any other engineer.

There, the projects I’ve worked on have always involved multiple teammates or people on different teams, whether they’re engineers, designers, or product managers. This was not always the case with my college assignments, which were mostly assignments for individual students to complete. I strongly believe that teamwork has allowed me to grow as an engineer, as I was able to learn something new from the people I worked with.

Finally, one of the best aspects of the engineering culture is the freedom we are given. Software engineers are given full ownership of the features we’re working on, and we can come up with action plans as we see fit and suggest general feature fixes in meetings with product managers and designers. This workflow is very different from what I’ve been through

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