Eero Mesh Wifi Router Review

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Eero has been making wireless extension hardware in the US for the past few years, and now its latest mesh system has finally arrived in the UK. Although you would not immediately know it from the brand, the company is owned by Amazon, and now you will find the entire Eero family of gear on the giant’s retail site with prices starting at £99.

Eero Mesh Wifi Router Review

Eero Mesh Wifi Router Review

However, before you get too excited, remember that this only gets you one Eero node, which functions as an autonomous router. If you want to take advantage of the Eero network, you’ll need to buy multiple units or get a three-pack for £249. But I digress: the question is whether Eero can hold its own against a number of other mesh systems.

Eero Mesh Wifi Routers Gain Homekit Support

Eero Mesh WiFi is a dual 802.11ac network extension system. Like most of these systems, it’s designed to replace your existing router, but if that’s not an option, you can use it in bridge mode to extend your wireless network. It’s configured via a smartphone app and, while it’s not exactly packed with exciting features, it does include guest networking and parental control options.

If you’re happy with a two-node system, a pair of Eero units cost £198. As we noted, a three-quarter box now has for £ 249.

There are many alternatives in this price range. Our favorite universal device is the BT Whole Home Wi-Fi Kit, which offers great performance for a dual-band extender system, and is now just £150 for the triple pack.

If you’re more focused on value, the Tenda Nova MV3 mesh system isn’t quite as fast, but it does provide decent coverage with three nodes for an absurdly cheap £69.

The Eero Mesh Wi Fi 3 Pack System: What You Need To Know

Meanwhile, those looking for peak performance may want to upgrade to a tri-band mesh system, which maximizes your bandwidth by using a separate 5 GHz radio channel for backhaul traffic. Eero offers its own three-band alternative (called Eero Pro): the regular price is set at £179 and £429 respectively.

We haven’t had a chance to test the Eero Pro yet, but it goes up against some strong competition, including the £250 Zikel Multi X system and the Netgear Orbi RBK50, which will set you back £300 for two nodes.

The Eero units are pleasantly small and unobtrusive, with a sleek, rounded, slightly wedge-shaped design. One LED, hidden under the upper cover, shines and pulses slowly in various colors to show the status of the unit; There are no buttons, except the reset button placed in the base. On the back is a USB Type-C power socket and a pair of Gigabit Ethernet connectors.

Eero Mesh Wifi Router Review

The compactness and simplicity of the Eero unit has its appeal, but I would really like to see more Ethernet ports. While it is common for mesh systems to save on wired connections, two is frankly nowhere near enough for a modern home to connect – especially since one of the sockets on the main unit will be occupied by a connection to your modem. You may find that you have to connect the Eero to an autonomous switch, which very well undermines the cleanliness of the whole design.

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As is the fashion these days, Eero comes with a companion app for Android and iOS, which handles setup and all subsequent administrative tasks. Those of you who prefer the old-school web interface are out of luck: trying to connect to Eero in a browser only throws up an unceremonious error message.

Still, the Android app detected my Eero units effortlessly, gave me some general guidance on their location, checked the connection strength, and automatically installed the latest firmware. Once this is done, you reach the main screen of the application, which shows an overview of your nodes and connected devices, as well as the results of your last internet speed test. There is no VPS support, but you can generate a QR code that compatible clients can scan to connect to the network immediately.

You can tap to see more details about any device and optionally assign a “family profile” to apply parental controls. They’re pretty basic, though: you can set a weekly schedule to stop internet access for devices in a specific group, but there’s no way to limit overall usage or block access to non-problematic websites.

Guest network settings are similarly rudimentary. You can turn the guest network on and off, give it its own name and password, and generate a QR code for quick login, but you can’t set up multiple networks or assign guest network access to specific resources.

Eero 6 Review: A Neat Budget Wi Fi 6 Mesh System

One of my favorite features of Eero is hidden in the network settings page. Here you can activate a pop-up notification every time a new device joins your network – a simple but smart way to detect hackers and freeloaders. Under Advanced Settings you can also adjust some key administrative things like your IP and DNS settings, IP address reservations and port forwarding rules.

One thing conspicuously absent, however, is wireless options. The app does not give you visibility or control over the channels your Eero system is using. Nor is there a way to split the network into separate 2.4GHz and 5GHz SSIDs; you can enable band management, which tries to move 5GHz compatible clients to the 5GHz band, but this option is in a tab called “Labs” and marked with the word “BETA”, which makes me a bit nervous to rely on it .

As you’d expect from an Amazon-owned product, the Eero has its own Alexa skill, but it’s pretty weak: all you can do is stop internet access for family groups, turn the device’s LED on and off, and find out which node. which device is connected. There is no equivalent support for Google Assistant fans, but I doubt they will shed many tears over it.

Eero Mesh Wifi Router Review

I tested the Eero Mesh Wifi system in my usual way. I started installing the system as recommended, with the main node next to the fiber modem in my living room, a second unit in the adjoining kitchen and a third in a utility room at the back of the property. I then took my laptop – a Microsoft Surface Laptop equipped with a Marvell Avastar 802.11ac network card – to different parts of the house and tested the speed of copying files to and from a NAS device connected to the main node there via Ethernet.

Best Mesh Wi Fi Systems 2023

Here are the results I saw, along with results from two similarly priced dual-band, three-node network kits. I’ve also included the Zykel Multi X, a high-end three-band system, for comparison:

The Eero performed exceptionally well at close range: not even a three-band Zykel system could match its speed in the same room. And while being on the back patio saw the performance of the Eero fall a little behind the Multi Xs, the difference was not great, and the Eero still outperformed its dual group rivals.

Upstairs in the bedroom and bathroom, things were less clear. Here, the BT Whole Home Wi-Fi was faster than the Eero overall, while the Multi X’s download speeds far outstripped any dual-band system. Even so, the Eero did not disappoint in any area, and even its worst performance – 6.2 MB / s in the room – was equivalent to around 49 Mbit / s, about double what Netflix says it is. you need reliable 4K streaming. video.

It is worth repeating that I performed these tests with a single laptop connected to the Eero system. The Eero’s 2×2 MU-MIMO capability should help when multiple devices want to connect, but if you have a house full of wireless gadgets, the dual-band design will likely slow things down, such as device-to-node and node-to-node -to-. no. All communications in the center must share a single 5 GHz radio channel.

How To Setup Amazon Eero Pro Mesh Wifi Router Review

The Eero Mesh wire system does a decent job of extending wireless coverage, and the short-range performance is really commendable. The low-key design of the units will not ruin your home’s feng shui either.

However, the feature set is somewhat limited: other network platforms have better parental controls, not to mention good wireless settings. The Eero’s minimal Ethernet provision is also an irritation, although it is one shared by many network systems.

If you can find an Eero system at a discounted price, which is normal, you may be inclined to forgive these shortcomings. Even with the discount, however, we see no compelling reason to choose this mesh system over one of its rivals at the same price. Apple HomePod Speaker ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3 Netflix Founder Lets Social Security Number Steal Tesla Self-Driving Video Duolingo Made Me a Monster Toothbrush Storage Year of the Rabbit

Eero Mesh Wifi Router Review

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