Fanuc Cnc Lathe Programming Pdf

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Fanuc Cnc Lathe Programming Pdf

Fanuc Cnc Lathe Programming Pdf

04521 N10 G90 G21 G99 F0.15; N20 G50 S1500; N30 M06 T01 01; N40 M03 G96 S300; N50 M08; N60 G00 X57 Z-40; N70 G75 R1; N80 G75 X35 Z-60 P3000 Q9000; N90 G00 X60; N100 G28 U0 W0; N110 M05 M30 ; Not only can we rotate the Z axis using the G71 cycle, we can also rotate the X axis using the G72 cycle. The G72 works the same way as the G71 but cuts on the side that faces the center of the part.

Cnc English Code Controller System

In this cycle, the tool will cut the X axis at the center of the part. This is used when we want to turn the tang on the front of the part or want to remove things that way. The cycle will follow the shape of the profile using a subroutine that we put between numbers ‘N’ and we call that subroutine using the G72 command. End clearances are added using ‘U’ and ‘W’ to leave material for a final pass that will clean up the surface of the part.

The G72 circuit uses two lines of G code to tell our lathe how we want the circuit to work. Some machines can use the same type of phone that I mention at the end of this article

G72 is our G code that tells the machine that we want to use a rough circle that is centered on the part.

The ‘W’ in the first line is the depth of cut in the Z axis. ‘R’ refers to the distance the tool draws when it rapidly moves to the next starting point.

How To Become A G Code Master With A Complete List Of G Codes

The ‘P’ and ‘Q’ values ​​define the starting and ending point of our particle respectively. These numbers can have any value as long as they match the ‘N’ numbers in the subroutine. This will look like the code below.

In the example above, ‘P’ would be P200 and ‘Q’ would be Q300, so they correspond to ‘N’ numbers.

The ‘U’ of the second line of G71 defines the number of tools that we want to leave for finishing in X.

Fanuc Cnc Lathe Programming Pdf

The ‘W’ in the second row is the number of resources we want to leave behind to end up at Z.

Fanuc Turning G Code Canned Cycles With Example Full Jankari

This first line tells us to take a depth of cut of 0.8mm and the tool removes 2.0mm of material before returning to the next starting point.

The value of ‘P’ corresponds to the number N at the beginning of the segment that we want to cut and ‘Q’ corresponds to the number N at the end of our subprogram.

U1.0 will leave a 1.0mm part diameter for our finishing tool to remove from further processing.

N defines the first line of the subroutine, the following code is the profile of the part that we want to cut. G00 X19.0 moves the tool home to insert a 45 degree chamfer on the face of the part. (It is assumed that the Z position was assigned to the program in the past)

M Code For Cnc: What Is It? M Code Vs. G Code, Benefits, Faq

G01 selects a smooth feed rate move, G41 turns on nose radius compensation, Z moves the tool to the front of the part, and finally we give it a feed rate of 0.2mm per revolution.

We complete our profile by assigning the ‘N’ number we chose to define the last point of the subroutine. G40 is used to cancel our tool radius offset, Z5.0 moves our tool 5mm away from the front face of our part. This line can also be programmed using G00 to move faster.

Some CNC controls like the Fanuc 10T use a version of this circuit. This method is explained below.

Fanuc Cnc Lathe Programming Pdf

The main difference with this programming method is that we have moved the depth of our value which was ‘W’ by two rows. It is now called ‘D’ and lives on the same line as all the data.

Pdf) Macro Program Application On Non Circular Curve Machining In Cnc Lathe: Selected Papers From Csma2016

G72 is our loop in focus, the values ​​of P and Q are still the start and end point of our loop.

The U and W values ​​define our final allocation or the amount we have left to complete.

‘D’ is now our return value, this tells the control where to move the tools between cuts. As a CNC programmer and operator, you choose CAM methods for NC programs. It is possible, you may feel scared or not well trained to follow certain rules in the program when controlling the CNC machines.

These rules affect the proper structure and writing of the CNC program; they provide information that makes long-term use and operation easier and more efficient. Modern CNC machine tool controllers (MCUs), in addition to programming possibilities, also give you the ability to make the process more efficient, in terms of writing math control programs and their operations, to ease the flow of operations. each company. If you need more information, you can read our article Programming and management of NC G-code: 6 important rules.

G88 Fanuc Hot Sale

Below we recommend some basic points to follow when milling and turning a CNC program for standard prismatic parts. In general, there are several methods that must be followed when creating a process plan and therefore a CNC program for a specific part. However, success is found when a systematic programming philosophy is developed.

Based on our extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, we give you advice to follow, in the form of standard examples of CNC programs for the unique operation of any part.

Despite the simplicity of the part produced, it has many basic features often found in real industrial applications, such as contour milling, drilling, tapping, and circular pocket milling. For this section, we present the recommended G-code for program start, face milling/profile contouring, and contour finishing.

Fanuc Cnc Lathe Programming Pdf

Especially when we want to produce smaller or larger products, we need a quick reference point for our material so the operator needs less time to secure the part in a vise or clamping fixture. In this milling example, a simple X-axis positioning strategy is used to orient the part to a fixed X-axis position. The CNC program begins by setting the work offset (G54) and determining the absolute coordinate system (G90). .

Fanuc Subprogram (local Subroutine)

The following table provides NC program definitions, from block #1 (program name) to block #9 (clear stop at tool change position). In this case, we use a Ø8 mm tool.

Stop motion in X, Y and go down to a safe Z height and tool length compensation will be in effect. Move down to Ζ-8.

In this milling example, the top face of the part is machined in an X-Y direction with a 50mm diameter end mill and five inserts. Also,

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