Fanuc Cnc Programming Pdf Free Download

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Description: CNC Programming Tutorials G&M Sample Codes – G&M Programming Tutorial Sample Code for Beginner to Advanced CNC Machinist. Source:

Fanuc Cnc Programming Pdf Free Download

Fanuc Cnc Programming Pdf Free Download

G54 Selection of part control system 1 G90 Negative command G91 Incremental command M06 Tool change T Tool S Speed ​​F Feed *************** Example of CNC pocket milling program – Milling by pecking CNC milling example showing how the cnc program can machine Pockets on a cnc machine. This example uses Peck milling to cut material to machine a circle and a pocket. Example of CNC pocket milling program Main work Cutter diameter: 10 mm N05 G55 N10 M6 T2 H3 G43 M3 N15 S1000 F60 N20 G0 X9 Y9 Z1 N25 G1 Z0 N30 M98 P030035 N35 G0 Z1 G90 N38 N4 X40 N55 G3 X47 Y38 I-5 J0 N60 G0 Z100 N65 G49 N70 M30 Subprogram O0035 N05 G1 Z-2 G91 F30 N10 X10 F100 N15 Y36 N20 X-10 N25 Y-36 N30 M9nc Description *********** ** Example CNC milling program G03 G90 Example of CNC milling program G91, showing how the CNC program can be easily changed from G90 absolute program mode to G91 incremental program mode. CNC milling program example G90 Absolute program G91 Incremental program N10 T1 M6 M3 G43 N10 T1 M6 M3 G43 N15 S2000 F80 N20 G0 N15 S2000 F80 X10 Y10 Z1N25 F30 N30 G1 Z-2 F2 N20 G F30 N40 G3 X0 Y10 I0 J5 N30 G1 Z -2 N45 G1 X-15 N35 X25 F80 (P2) N50 Y10 N40 G3 X25 Y20 I0 J5 (P3) N55 G90 G0 Z100 G49 N45 G1 N50 (YP4) P5) N55 G0 Z100 G49 N60 M30 ***** * * ****** CNC Turning Center Programming Example Easy to understand CNC turning center / CNC lathe programming example for CNC machinists working on CNC turning center / CNC lathe machine. This cnc programming example can be used as a learning cnc programming exercise for beginning cnc programmers/machinists. Programming example of CNC turning center N10 T03 D03 M06 N20 G97 S900 M04 N30 G00 G42 X40 Z5 N40 G92 S3500 N50 G96 S250 N60 G01 X60 Z-5 F0.1 N70 Z-15 N80 X56 Z- G01 X80 Z-40 N110 X100 N120 Z -80 N130 X106 N140 G03 X116 Z-85 R5 N150 G01 X120 N160 G00 X150 Z100 G40 G97 S900 M05***** N170 Wire M30 Complete cnc programming example for machinists working on wire EDM machines (machining Wire EDM)) CNC Wire Cutting Introduction Wire EDM cutting, also known as electrical discharge machining, is a process that uses thin, electrically energized wire to cut metal. Metal EDM cutting uses rapid, controlled and repeated sparks from the metal to the work piece, immediately eroding the metal. The work piece must be electrically conductive. EDM metal cutting can provide high precision for connection. The process can be sharp at the corners. Wire EDM programming example Wire EDM programming example G92 X0. Y0. G01 Y1.25 (P1) G02 X.5 I.25 J0.(P2) G01 Y.75(P3) G03 X1. I.25 J0.(P4) G01 Y1.25 (P5) G02 X1.5 I.25 J0. (P6) G01 Y0. (P7) X0. (P8) M02 The G92 command is used to set the zero position. You will include the distance and direction from the program zero point to the cell start point in your G92 command. **************** Basic CNC Lathe Programming Example ID/OD Turning/Boring Operations (no use of canned cycle) A complete CNC programming example with ID/OD (turning/boring ) for cnc machinists who work on cnc lathes. A must study/practice for those who are learning cnc programming. Another benefit of this programming example is that a cnc lathe cannot be used in this programming example. CNC Lathe Basic Programming Example (Boring Turn Operations) CNC Lathe Example of Turn Boring O0000 N10 (HOLE ø30) G50 T0200 G97 S250 M03 G00 X0 Z5.0 T0202 M08 G01 Z-5.0 F0.07 W1.0 Z-40. Z5.0 Z-39.0 G01 Z-60.0 G00 Z10.0 X200.0 Z200.0 T0200 M01 N20 (Outer diameter without stock) G50 S1500 T0100 G96 S180 M03 G00 X94.0 Z51 M4. 27 G00 U2.0 Z0.5 G01 X28.0 F0.23 G00 X87.0 W1.0 G01 Z-14.8 F0.27 G00 U2.0 Z1.0 X80.5 G01 Z-14.1 G02 X81.9 Z-14.8 R0.7 G00 X100.5 W1.0 G01 Z-29.8 G00 U2.0 Z-1.0 G01 X60.5 F0.23 G00 X82.0 W1.0 Z-2.4 G01 X60.5 X72.9 G03 X80.5 Z -6.2 R3.8 G00 U2.0 Z5.0 X200.0 Z200.0 Z200.0 T0100 M01 N30 (on removed diameter) G50 S1500 T0400 G96 S180 M03 G00 X34.5 Z3.0 T0404 Z-401 G08 G01 U- 0.5 Z1.0 X39.5 G01 Z-15.0 X34.5 Z-24.3 G00 Z10.0 X200.0 Z200.0 Z200.0 T0400 M01 N40 (Outer Diameter) G50 S1800 T0500 G96 S205 M603 G00 T0505 M08 Z0 G01 X38. 0 F0.2 G00 X60.0 Z3.0 G42 Z1.0 G01 Z-2.5 F0.2 X74.0 G03 X80.0 Z-5.5 R3.0 G01 Z-13.5 G02 X83.0 Z-15.0 R1.5 G01 X100.0 Z-30.0 X102.0 G40 G00 U2.0 W1.0 G00 Z10.0 X200.0 Z200.0 T0500 M01 N50 (inside diameter) G50 T600 S200 M03 G00 X40.0 Z5.0 T0606 M08 G41 Z1. 0 G01 Z-15.0 F0.2 X35.0 Z-24.33 Z-42.0 X29.0 G40 G00 Z10.0 X200.0 Z200.0 M9 T M060 ***** **** CNC Mill Programming Exercise Using G91 Incremental Programming This exercise in programming a CNC milling machine and uav gives you more ideas to understand art and how to find harmony among all art. Complete based on G91 incremental dimensioning system, so cnc programmers/machinists can learn and understand how G91 incremental programming works. This program is written for a 4 axis CNC mill, where the C axis is used for the table. The 3-axis CNC mill can still run this program, so simply delete this program block for this. N15. CNC Mill Programming Exercise G91 CNC Mill Incremental Programming Exercise N5 G00 G54 G64 G90 G17 X-20 Y-20 Z50 ;Point 1 N10 S450 M03 F250 D01 (12.5MM DIAMETER) N15 C0 N20 Z5 N25 N15 C0 N20 Z5 N25 X20 Y20 ;Point 2 N40 X10 Y10 ;Point 3 N45 X70 Y-10 ;Point 4 N50 X20 Y20 ;Point 5 N55 X-40 Y60 ;Point 6 N60 X-20 ;Point 7 N65 X-10 Y-2 N70 X-30 Y-15 ; Point 9 N80 X0 Y-40; Point 10 N85 G40 G90 X-20 Y-20; Point 11 N90 G00 Z50 N95 Y100 N100 M30 Finished Part After finishing the machining process, your work will look like this in 3D view, 3D Finished Machined Part Description of CNC G-Code G00: hurry up G54: Offset zero no. 1. G64: Continuous path mode. G90: There is no system parameter. G91: Incremental dimensioning system. G17: X-Y option. G42 : Cutter radius compensation function (movement to the right) G40 : Cutter radius compensation disabled S : Spindle speed F : Axis movement feedrate M : Cutter movement (3=clockwise, 4=counterclockwise) D : Tool No. ** * ******* Vertical Machining Center Programming Example CNC vertical machining center is an important part of cnc machine shop, so here is an example Vertical Machining Center Programming Guide for CNC machinists who are just beginning to learn CNC programming. Programming example of vertical machining center Programming example of vertical machining center N10 T1 N20 S1000 M3 N30 G00 G40 G90 G17 X-30 Y60 N40 G43 Z50 H1 N50 Z-5 N60 G01 G41 X10 Y60 D1 F200 N80 Y9 X90 Y50 N110 Y10 R10 N130 G01 X50 N140 X10 Y50 N150 Y65 N160 G40 X-30 Y60 N170 G00 Z200 M02 ********** G41 G40 Cutter Compensation Example Service CNC Radi program shows G41, G40 can be used in the program cnc milling The cutter compensation code used in this program is: • G41 Left cutter radius compensation • G40 Left cutter radius compensation Example of cutter radius compensation G41 G40 Example of cutter radius compensation N5 G00 G54 G64 G90 G17 X20 Y-20 Z50 N105 F25 (DIA) N15 C0 N20 Z5 N25 G01 Z0 N30 Z-5 N35 G41 X0 Y0 N40 N40 X-48 N45 X-68 Y72 N50 X-28 N55 Y44 N60 X12 Y32 N65 X0 Y0 N70 G40 X20 N70 Y-20 N M30 Finished part After completing the machining process, the product will be as Cutter radius compensation Example Complete description of the CNC part G-Code G00: traversing velocity. G54: Zero offset no. 1. G64: Continuous path mode. G90: There is no system parameter. G17: X-Y option. G41 : Cutter radius compensation function (left right hand movement) G40 : Cutter radius compensation disabled S : Spindle speed F : Axis movement feed rate M : Cutter rotation (3 = clockwise, 4 = counterclockwise) D : Tool offset no * ********* Siemens Sinumerik Mill Programming Example A simple CNC milling program example that will teach CNC machinists to use programming concepts milling machine from Siemens Sinumerik. This program is written for a 4 axis cnc mill, where C is used for the table. but a

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