Solidworks File Management Best Practices

Solidworks File Management Best Practices – SolidWorks PDM will improve your workflow and the way you store and process data with tools for discovery, security, verification control and automation. Never worry about version control or data loss.

SolidWorks PDM is our core data management solution. With a variety of features, PDM can benefit anyone from a single user to an enterprise with hundreds of users.

Solidworks File Management Best Practices

Solidworks File Management Best Practices

Normal browsing can be cumbersome to find files in local or network folders, and Windows searches on a directory of any size can take a long time. Files stored in the SolidWorks PDM Vault contain metadata or attributes that can be used as search criteria. Because SQL runs in the background, your search results are returned very quickly.

Solidworks 2017 File Management Training Course

SolidWorks PDM also offers granular permissions capabilities and a check-out process, so you and your colleagues have access to files as needed and data is never overwritten. Its powerful services implement standard processes, keep everyone informed of statuses in real time, and allow you to automate your repetitive and manual processes.

Keep your data in a single, secure file. SolidWorks PDM manages file references and updates them automatically if you change or rename a file. This eliminates broken references and time spent manually searching for and correcting missing references.

Easily find and reuse existing design data. Shared Drive �

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