Supply Chain Management Professional Certification

Supply Chain Management Professional Certification – Accenture reported that 94% of Fortune 1000 companies have experienced supply chain disruptions. As a Certified Supply Chain Manager by SSGI, you can stand out from the crowd by demonstrating your knowledge to achieve promotions, higher pay and new job opportunities.

Accreditation: SSGI has been reviewed and approved as an accredited member of the Institute Management Institute (PMI®), ATP, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM®) and an accredited member of Continuing Professional Development (CPD®).

Supply Chain Management Professional Certification

Supply Chain Management Professional Certification

The Covid 19 pandemic has made “supply chain” a household word. It turns out that there is a delicate connection between companies that produce goods and services and their customers. Because of this fragile connection, shortages have appeared everywhere from cars to furniture, toys, and bicycles. And they have great influence.

Is Supply Chain Management A Good Career?

Development Certificate Program by: Barry Shore PhD. A recognized expert in the field of consulting and Master Black Belt, Prof. Emeritus University of New Hampshire, co-founder of SSGI

The Certified Supply Chain Manager course prepares you to accurately measure supply chain efforts and improve overall business performance.

The CSCM initiative, with SSGI industry, government and academic recognition, will help you emerge as a supply chain professional.

Learned from 30 years of experience. The certificate program developed by Barry Shore PhD, Prof. University of New Hampshire Emeritus.

Supply Chain Management Course

Check out our simple three step process below. Your purchase includes online training and access to the Supply Chain Management certification exam.

This course is about the modern supply chain, how important they are to the organization and how increasingly complex networks can be managed.

Course Materials: The Supply Chain Manager Certification is 100% online, personalized, mobile-friendly, and hosted on a learning management platform. No required software or additional training materials are required.

Supply Chain Management Professional Certification

Course Topics: Drawing and Diagramming, Coordination, Inventory, Logistics, Cycle Time, Sourcing, Risk, Information Gathering, Relationship Management, Demand Management, Continuous Improvement, Supply Chain Management and much more.

Logistics, Procurement And Supply Chain Management Courses

The test can be done online at your discretion. You don’t need to go to the testing center. If you fail the test, you will have unlimited retakes at no additional cost. By successfully completing the test, you will receive an official Supply Chain Manager certificate and identification number.

A SSGI Certified Supply Chain Manager (CSCM) will help you stand out from the competition, open up new job opportunities and increase your salary. Our organization trains and certifies employees of top companies from around the world such as Amazon, Deloitte, Nintendo, Fedex and Tesla.

With 40 years of industry and training experience, Professor Shore has established a reputation as one of the leading authorities on Agile, Six Sigma and Project Management. His pioneering work in Agile/Project Management dates back to General Electric and later Hewlett Packard.

Dr. Shore has written more than 100 peer-reviewed articles published in professional journals, four books published by McGraw Hill Book Company and Holt, Rinehart and Winston, and hundreds of articles in professional publications. McGraw Hill recognized him as an award-winning author for his book on traffic management.

International Logistics And Supply Chain Management Institute (ilscmi)

He has consulted for many of the world’s leading organizations, including Westinghouse, Chase Manhattan Bank, Timberland, the United States Navy, Deutsche Telecom (Germany), and Doosan Heavy Industries (South Korea).

If for some reason you don’t feel the program is right for you, we’ll be happy to give you a full refund if your purchase was made within the last 24 hours.

SSGI is approved by PMI ® ATP. PMI® is a registered trademark of Project Management Institute, Inc. Available online, the non-credit Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Management sets itself apart: · Classes designed and taught by faculty known for their global supply chain expertise. · Integration of research and clear industry knowledge within cutting-edge virtual courses. · Courses covering the entire supply chain, focusing on process and practical learning for real-world applications. · Teacher-led group learning. Company Benefits Increased competitive advantage through continuous improvement, risk management and decision-making Talent development, retention and talent acquisition Narrowing gaps between the required capabilities and skills of current employees Increased opportunities to learn a shared language and understanding of the supply chain Improve global teamwork with the enrollment of US and non-US employees Employee Benefits Increase the value of your workforce Expand your supply chain knowledge through a comprehensive curriculum in the world. Connect with faculty experts and industry peers in an interactive and dynamic learning environment. Build a toolkit for leadership success Join a community of supply chain leaders Access the program from anywhere in the world via the Internet

Supply Chain Management Professional Certification

Designed exclusively for networking companies to develop their talent in a unique, practical and affordable program. A four-week course of 9 to 12 hours per week of interactive and hands-on learning. Individual and peer/study groups in an asynchronous environment that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Interact with teachers and other participants in weekly knowledge checks, discussions and of course ‘use your learning’ exercises. Participants complete five required courses taught by our university experts to arm them with best practices in strategy, implementation, and a global, cross-functional perspective. The non-credit program draws on graduate-level knowledge and a way to leverage professional experience to help employees realize their potential. The high expectations of teachers are combined with the high expectations of students and their employers to ensure a quality service and experience. After completing the initial certification, participants can spend 6 hours free of charge to further explore their interest in one of the three supply chain areas: Business Management, Operations Management or Logistics Management.

Peerless Media Custom Reports

The program typically appeals to diverse supply chain professionals who have: 5 to 7 years of professional experience and a desire to expand their knowledge of the entire supply chain for broader leadership capabilities and a network of supply chain leaders. $4,950 investment for 5 full certifications Zero application fees 6 course options available at no additional cost. Course 1 training dates: 4.6.2015-5. 3. 2015 course 2: 5. 11. 2015-7. 6. 2015 course 3: 15. 6. 2015-7. 12. 2015 course 4: 20.7. / 2015-8/16/2015 Course 5: 8/24/2015-9/20/2015 Application Deadline: March 9, Applications may be due at: For more information, please contact our Program Coordinator: Joel Dupuis Deputy Director, Executive. Education │ (480)

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Supply chain management is one of the most popular areas for blockchain applications. Blockchains Enterprises and Supply Chain Management course provides a comprehensive overview of the impact of blockchain technologies on supply chain management. You will learn about the fundamentals of supply chain management as well as value creation within the supply chain.

This course is the perfect choice for any manager, developer, consultant or business professional looking to learn about the impact of blockchain technologies on supply chain management. You will get a detailed overview of the enterprise blockchain platform applications in various supply chain use cases. Additionally, this course includes insights into the development and implementation of enterprise blockchain platforms for supply chain management initiatives.

Supply Chain Manager Resume: Examples & Writing Guide

Learn more about using blockchain in supply chain management under the guidance of experts in the new Enterprise Blockchains course and Supply chain management course.

The Blockchains and Supply Chain Management course is a productive learning resource that emphasizes popular use cases of blockchain technology in supply chains. The course not only prepares students for the applications of blockchain technology in supply chain management, but also shows how blockchain is well suited to supply chain requirements. We at 101 Blockchains have covered all the practical implications of using blockchain for supply chain management processes, so it takes much more than theoretical knowledge.

Download the lecture presentation and access it anytime, anywhere; it will serve as an important tool for updating your knowledge.

Supply Chain Management Professional Certification

Get access to additional lectures and have the opportunity to improve your practical knowledge of blockchain technology.

Supply Chain Certifications

Get exclusive access to all online events, including live webinars, to learn from blockchain experts.

Enrico Camerinelli is a world-renowned expert in supply finance and blockchain, whose current area of ​​focus is international transaction banking, supply finance, blockchain and corporate treasury systems. He is a founding member of the Supply Chain Finance Community and a member of the Italian delegation to the United Nations Center for Electronic Commerce and Trade.

Enrico has been quoted widely in publications ranging from the American Businessman to the Financial Times. He has contributed editorial content to publications such as Supply Chain Europe, served as consulting editor for The Global Treasurer, and is the author of the Supply Chain Index, which examines the link between financial performance and the supply chain. He is often invited to speak at the most prestigious industry events such as Sibos and EuroFinance.

“I completed my CEBA certification and I have to say it was one of the best online education programs I have ever taken! very well organized, with a very friendly and attentive instructor, with a white table and example lessons that are very useful and suitable for this type of training. Them

The Competencies Of Canadian Suppy Chain Professionals

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